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With the emergence of the internet and artificial intelligence, life has flown through a slew of serious modernizations. In this article, we will go over the main changes which have already occurred in or will occur in the future of education. We can already see how modern learning methods allow students to think on a new level or view the world from different perspectives.


We are becoming witnesses of the birth of a new ecosystem of knowledge. One in which education, industries, and technology form a powerful partnership. Thus, modern educational processes will be based on new technology, more explicitly speaking, artificial intelligence. Tech enthusiasts believe that soon, education will be seen as a natural process. Forced learning through the use of thick textbooks and whiteboards will become a part of the past.


Education with the use of augmented reality


Perhaps, the most interesting method of modernizing education is through the integration of augmented reality technology in the education process. The primary potential AR education is concealed within the process of information adaptation and visualization of real objects and subsequent work with such objects. This allows for learning to become nearly tangible. Students will not only be able to remember taught information at a faster rate but learn in practice. Imagine just how much the professionalism level of medical and STEM university graduates will increase.


Will robots replace teachers?


The teaching professional will never lose its demand. Over time, there will be more and more teachers, but only in digital form. A lecturer that repeats the same thing from year to year will transform into a mentor or maybe even a personal trainer. The importance of a teachers role will significantly grow, and most importantly, teaching will cease to be an isolated activity. In the future, each student will be able to receive an individual approach to his or her education.


Such an approach to education is already actively being used at Khan Academy. The project presents distance learning via computers, where any teacher, can simultaneously coordinate the work of all students in real time. In this program, students also receive instantaneous feedback and can take advantage of educational videos and tips. Thanks to this approach, students learn to think independently, instead of following rules that restrict any sort of thought process.


Effective at home learning


Technology allows us to learn online while being at home. Traditional lectures in auditoriums are transitioning to online courses, which allow for an authentic diploma to be obtained from reputable universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, and Harvard.


Therefore, the integration of new technology in the field of education can solve key problems. Artificial intelligence that is capable of teaching can provide the world with free knowledge without the need for specialized institutions. And virtual teachers are already entering our lives, but only as an add-on to real ones.


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