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It seems that a time when modern technologies, such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality will become fully integrated with the life of man will be soon upon us. Some believe that technological progress will positively impact the lives of people as a whole, while others beg to differ. Nonetheless, no one individual is in power to thwart such progress, and thus, it’s imperative to be ready for the fact that in a few years, even the most ordinary and  minute of activities will be performed with the use of Blockchain technology.


In our lives there remain aspects which are in definite need of modernization. More specifically speaking, healthcare. As surprising as it may sound, Blockchain technology can be quite beneficial for doctors, patients, and even for entire pharmaceutical corporations. Let's take a look at a few ways as to how the tech underlying Bitcoin can improve mankind.


Storing patient information


As in many fields, the main issue revolving around healthcare pertains to the absence of complete and adequate information. The main challenges arise during the processes of transferring and storing data. Data, which is generally fragmented. In connection to this, situations in which doctors are unable to help a patient come to fruition. A study conducted by the John Hopkins University in 2016 shows that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the USA. Some of these situations could have been fully avoided if a patient's complete medical record was readily available. It is quite difficult to acquire access to an individual's full illness history, due to the fact that it is spread over various medical facilities the country over. Blockchain technology possesses the required assortment of functions which can liberate the healthcare industry from such problems.


Universal database for all doctors


The next issue which is worth looking into pertains to the absence of a universal patient database accessible by all healthcare providers. Each time a patient walks into a new clinic, a medical card is created for said patient and is stored solely in the facility in question. Even if the clinic presents around the clock access to the patient's medical card online, it still presents incomplete information, and usually contains information recorded by doctors of the new clinic. This means that doctors in other medical centers need to create new patient cards and conduct repeat tests. In this case, Blockchain technology can act as a universal medical record. A patient will be able to have access to his or her medical records from any part of the world. More so, this will eliminate the need for renewed and separate registrations in other medical institutions entirely.


Data control


Another aspect in need of modernization is the process of presenting patient data to doctors. As a rule, a doctor personally decides which data and in what quantity is needed. Patients, in turn, can draw no benefits from this and cannot use this data at their own discretion. Blockchain to the rescue! With the help of Blockchain technology, patients gain access to their medical data through a specialized interface. Each time when treatment is appointed, a doctor will need to send a data access request. Thus, it’s up to the patient's discretion as to whom they provide with access to their medical card.


Thus, with the help of Blockchain technology, the previously mentioned issues can be solved. The idea is to create a decentralized, encrypted medical record database which only patients can access and provide access to freely.


Unfortunately, there still remain questions which will be necessary to address. For example, the uncertainty as to what needs to be done when an individual cannot approve access to his data while in a critical condition when access to such data is imperative for a doctor to save the patient's life.


However, it can be said with certainty that Blockchain technology will soon modernize the healthcare industry as a whole. It’s quite possible that mankind will soon forget what it is like to stand idle in hospital lines, as well as about other issues which we have mentioned previously.


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Blockchain & Healthare

It seems that a time when modern technologies, such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality will become fully integrated with the life of man will be soon upon us

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