Augmented Reality

Solutions for your business with AR technologies

Broaden the possibilities of your business with the help of high-tech solutions with augmented reality! Create virtual models of your product and increase brand awareness!

Augmented reality is the next step in the digital revolution, which will allow your company to do more than ever before while spending less at the same time.

New Customer Experience

Augment reality technology will allow to create unique virtual spaces for product demonstrations. Your clients will be able to use a product and feel all of its advantages! Virtual reality satisfies all aspects of working with a client.

    What we offer:

  • 3D product models, oriented towards marketing
  • User applications based on AR
  • AR games and applications

A New Dimension for Productivity

Augmented reality technology allows to increase the productivity of all internal company processes, as well as to increase the involvement of all employees in a project. By using AR, remote meetings can be organized with all employees and partners the world over. Use AR in education facilities, so that your students can work in any remote location.

    What we offer:

  • Software based on AR
  • AR video conferences
  • AR technology, tailored for education
Benefits of Adopting the Leading Augmented Reality Solutions


Applications based on VR increase involvement with clients, on account of providing the opportunity to use a virtual version of a product.


Applications and devices based on AR act as an effective simulation instrument for training employees. The technology allows for high-tech training, which increases the effectiveness of each employee.

Data delivery

AR facilitates the companies to show the relevant data of their products in a real-time to the people. The voluminous, context-based data can be presented in the form of engaging content.

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