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The first global decentralized tutor platform helping people turn their studies, homework and hobbies
into income while others build their knowledge faster and more efficiently than ever.

Mindmap’s mission is to make tutoring services accessible through creating a decentralized tutoring platform, and lower market-entry barriers, as well as provide tutors and experts with the ability to store obtained knowledge and monetize its use. Blockchain based platforms aims to erase boundaries between tutors and students.

Case Study Summary
  • A system was created, which matched people, who struggled to find proper tutors, and tutors, who struggles to attract clientele due to being inexperienced or having to deal with high fees on other platforms.
  • Knowledge is stored. Every time a user learns, their learning materials are conveniently recorded and organized inside the system. Users can return to the learned material and refresh their memories.
  • The system provides a recommendation system, which recommends best tutors and learning paths based on the user’s learning style.
  • Same technology can be offered to businesses and universities.
The Challenge

Many people nowadays are looking for additional education in order to increase their qualification. In a lot of cases, that can be done only through private tutoring. But existing tutoring options limit both tutors and students. Beginner tutor struggle to find students, as tutoring platforms require a certain tutoring experience and impose high commissions. Students struggle to find proper tutors, that satifsy their requirements both in tutoring quality and teaching style, because tutoring platforms often offer unclear rating systems.

Besides, there is a need for a system to make sure the knowledge, passed from a tutor to a student would not be lost. That makes tutoring less efficient, because the amount of knowledge acquired only accounts to the student’s memory and notes and some shared materials.

The Solution

Mindmap offers a storage system that allows users to store and organize all information (materials, lecture notes, homework, problem sets, videos, and other documents) in a user-friendly, visual, tag-based hierarchy tree.

More - Mindmap also offers a Master-hierarhcy, a universal organization of all knowledge on the platform and supported by all participants. This master hierarchy tree is the total of all the peer-approved knowledge categories from the user's personal hierarchy that they have decided to share. Each user that contributes content or learning paths to a category has their profile linked to the category. That lets platform users find tutors easily in their specific subject and associates all the platform’s information with subject matter experts. The master hierarchy is kept current with every user's modifications through the platform’s peer review and voting system.

Mindmap Learning Path is a visual depiction of the learning materials for a specific concept, along with helpful comments. It allows a user to step back through any time and refresh their memory on anything they have learned. Learning materials are saved in the cloud and can include any type of documents, videos, homework, notes, and so forth.

Mindmap also uses cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms. The AI will be used to help each user learn more efficiently by matching them with content and tutors customized to their learning style.

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