Case Studies - Safinus

A platform, where new entrants to the cryptomarket can join profitable
cryptofunds created and handled by experienced cryptoinvestors.

Safinus aimed to develop a product, that will allow beginners to the cryptomarket to easily start investing into cryptocurrency funds and gain profits without having to research and study tons of information about Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart-contracts and other complicated technology.

Case Study Summary
  • We figured that Newbies to the cryptomarket are hesitant to join cryptocurrency platforms, because they all feel complicated, and require skills and knowledge about crypto, so Safinus was made with an emphasis on the platform itself and cryptocurrency investments in general being accessible to everyone.
  • Safinus offers an access to multiple exchanges through a single interface, so that cryptocurrency funds would be able to find optimal prices on crypto without having to monitor all the exchanges at once.
  • We insisted on making the investment process and all the fund’s data very clear and available for investors to study.
  • We developed our own Blockchain-powered Funds Rating to give the funds an opportunity to compete with each other for investors’ attention.
  • Investors are always able to contact their fund manager, which increases the human value of the product. Both investors and traders have personalised accounts, which they can customize as they wish.
The Challenge

Cryptomarket has always been a closed community, to join which a new entrant had to learn a lot about how Blockchain and cryptocurrencies work, research current prices and the most profitable currencies. Ultimately, even if a newbie finds a way to join the crypto world and start investing, high volatility of the market and the existence of a large number of scammers leads to significant financial losses for inexperienced investors

Professionals on the cryptocurrency market have been experiencing problems with small investors, since communication costs associated with them frequently overshadow actual profits. In order to not spend time on communicating with clients, that have invested minuscule funds, professionals are forced to implement high entry barriers, which, of course, lower the volume of manageable funds, and ultimately, profits.

The goal of Safinus is to change all that by bringing together the newbies and the professionals.

First, Safinus wants to develop a user-friendly and accessible tool for investors, who have never even tried their hand in cryptocurrency trading, in order to give them a chance to profits from trusting their funds with cryptoinvestors.

Second, Safinus wants to provide professionals with an instrument, through which they can attract investors and manage their funds.

And last, but not the least, Safinus wants to erase borders between the two.

The Solution

The case is a complicated issue, because a product has to apply to the needs of both investors and fund managers at the same time. Be friendly to an investor, and be efficient and informative to a fund manager. To achieve that balance, we decided to go with separate interfaces for investors and fund operators.

A fund’s interface is a lot more detailed and includes multiple functional and informational interfaces.

Fund interface provides a manager with an ability to customize his funds’s appearance to investors and declare a strategy.

Safinus provides infographics for fund performance, displays detailed info about it’s profitability, volatility, structure and other useful parameters for maintaining a fund.

Each parameter is calculated using complex algorithms, developed by our team of business analysts. Parameter values are recalculated and updated constantly in order to always provide the fund manager with the latest information.

But most importantly, Safinus provides an Internal Exchange with an access to multiple exchanges through a single interface. Now, here's a chart explaining how exactly that works for cryptomarket professionals.

The investor's interface is much simpler, and mainly provides information about the investments. It also allows to deposit, invest and withdraw funds, all in a couple of clicks. In order to make the investors choice if investment more thoughtful, and give them an ability to choose a fund, which best fits their expectations, we gathered all funds on the Platform into a Blockchain-powered Funds Rating. It is calculated using the most important parameters of all funds, including their value, profitability and size of commission, and is updated every month.

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