Solution for Investor’s Personal Account

Personal investors account on your website will include
full range of functional that is required to conduct an ICO.

Features and Examples

Account registration

In order to be able to purchase tokens, investors need to register. A personal account is created for each joining investor.

Two-Factor Authorization

Two-factor authorization (SMS and Google 2FA) can be enabled to provide additional security of the investor’s account.

KYC Integration

The solution includes integration with Sum&Substance as a KYC service provider (alternatively we can integrate any other KYC provider of your choice).

Admin panel of the solution allows to:

  • Turn on/off the KYC procedure for joining the ICO Whitelist;
  • Specify the stage, where an investor needs to pass the KYC (during Whitelist enrollment or start of Tokensale);
Whitelist Sign Up

Investors might express their preliminary interest in participating in Tokensale by joining the ICO’s Whitelist. In such a case, they have to indicate an amount they want to invest.

The admin panel provides statistics about the Whitelist members, and an overall amount of their declared investments in each available cryptocurrency.

Investor’s Profile

Investor’s profile contains personal information of an investor, such as photo and email. Investors can customize their profile in order to manage their appearance.

Information about all user’s logins is displayed on their profile pages, including date, IP address and country of access.

Tokensale Page

This is the main functional part of the investor’s account. This part includes:

  • A countdown to the start of the Tokensale, when it has not started yet.
  • Addresses of specifically assigned cryptowallets, which the investor can deposit into.
  • The investor’s deposit history.
  • An interface for adding ETH (or other) wallets in order to withdraw acquired tokens.
Referral Program

Each investor can participate in a Referral Program to receive additional revenue from referring other investors into joining the ICO.

ICO owners can set the Referral Program’s conditions and award the referrers.

Investors are provided with a personal referral link to share with friends and think-a likes, and are able to see a number of raised investments and referral awards.

Special Offer Program

ICO owners can generate special offers to major investors, or investors, who promised a generous investment in the Whitepaper. Those investors are then presented with an individual Special Offer page, from which they can purchase tokens and receive bonuses, even before the Tokensale starts.

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